Lake Tomah was created in 1938 and 1939 by land donated to the City of Tomah from Lloyd Jones and Al Butts. Since its creation the 251 acre lake has given local residents and visitors a great community resource that provides a mixture of activities on and around the lake. Please browse the links below to better understand the history and potential future of this great community resource.


Please help us keep our storm sewers and Lake clean by not blowing grass clippings into the streets.  



Lake Tomah is alive! Recent DNR fyke netting shows evidence of a healthy fish population. 



Tomah Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District/Lake Committee 

Location Map of Lake Tomah

Tree Structures and Path Map

Buoy Line Map

Lake Committee Minutes & Agendas



Lake Committee Members

Lamont Kiefer

Hal Burnham

John Rusch

Kim Mello

Bruce Baker

Lee Lang

Duane Chapman

Any question concerning Lake Tomah, pleae call Lamont Kiefer at 372-7619.