Nellie Pater


Nellie Pater supports your quality of life as she works to improve Tomah by supporting our city services while keeping spending in check. Nellie is a neighbor, volunteer and a respectful person you can trust.

She is proud to have been a part of many accomplishments:

  •  Milwaukee Street Reconstruction Project
  • Annexation of the Future Site for Tomah Hospital Complex
  • Construction of the Burnstad's Playground
  • Approval of the Re-Cycling Program which will generate new revenue for city projects
  • Approval of the TID 8 District for improvement to Tomah downtown district

Nellie Pater and her husband Tony Moved to Tomah 23 years ago. Nellie has served 7 years on the Tomah City Council. Nellie is committed to the future of Tomah. Nellie knows it's her duty to listen to the people on the issues that demonstrate integrity.


 Nellie can be contacted at 608-374-7480 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.