The City owns a wastewater treatment facility capable of treating 2.2 million gallons per day and can serve a minimum population of 11,380. This facility uses an oxidation ditch for biological treatment and utilizes biological nutrient removal for the control of ammonia and phosphorous. This treatment facility can also produce an "exceptional quality" Biosolids. This facilty is maintained and operated in such a manner as to minimize enviromental impact and protect the City from potential fines and/or a ban on sewer extensions. The department maintains the sanitary sewer collection system as well as inspects the construction of  new mains and replacement of existing mains. This System has approximately 54.5 miles of sewer mains and 7 lift stations.



watertowerIn order to furnish safe drinking water and to provide adequate fire protection, the City of Tomah maintains five active wells with a total of 3,550 gallons per minute capacity. Well #6, located at 517 Packard St., has iron removal and Well #10 and #14, both located at 23082 Flare Ave., have radium removed. Our system also includes: 1,000,000 gallon reservoir; a 500,000 gallon tower; 366,466 feet of water mains (4"-14" diameter); 3,134 water services; 3,927 water meters, 531 fire hydrants; and 947 water main valves.