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WHAT TO RECYCLE                              HOW TO PREPARE


NEWS PRINT, MAGAZINES, SLICK ADVERTISERS, ENVELOPES AND SIMILAR PAPER INCLUDING PHONE BOOK, PAPERBACK BOOKS, COMIC BOOKS, CATALOGS AND PAPERSACKS– – Should be loose in a brown paper sack, small cardboard box, plastic grocery type bag or reusable container that can be dumped at point of collection (curbside).

CARDBOARD (Corrugated AND Glossy Soda, Cereal, Beer boxes), MUST be flattened and put in a paper bag or cardboard box and placed by recycle bin. PLEASE DO NOT SET GARBAGE ON OR IN BOXES.


JARS AND BOTTLES ONLY – Rinse clean, no need to remove labels. Remove lids and caps; recycle metal lids or caps with tin or aluminum. Do not include any light bulbs, glasses, window glass or mirrors. No Broken Glass.

TIN CANS (STEEL – Magnets will attract)

FOOD CANS – Rinse clean, no need to remove labels, flatten if possible to save space.

EMPTY PAINT CANS – Must be empty and dry.

AEROSOL CANS – Empty through normal use.

ALUMINUM CANS (Magnets will not attract)

CANS, TRAYS, PANS, FOIL AND CAPS – Rinse and stacks trays together.

PLASTIC ( # 1-7 )

BOTTLES & CONTAINERS – Remove caps and discard, rinse clean, flatten if possible, remove metal handles or caps. Do not include any oil or antifreeze bottles!


Put all recyclable items in the blue recycle box or in CLEAR plastic bags (colored bags will not be picked up). Place the items out next to your garbage on the regular pickup day. Modern Disposal Service, Inc will pick them up.

Other non-recyclable items include: tires, film plastic, Pyrex glass, china, broken glass, Styrofoam, melamac, plastic toys. Please DO NOT put these items in to be recycled.

White goods (large appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, washers, etc.) will be picked up on the FIRST FULL WEEK of the month on your regular pickup day.

The new Federal Clean Air Act has placed strict control on the release of CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) and PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) into the air and soil. As a result, recycling contractors must account for the Freon in refrigeration and cooling units they pick up. If your unit's Freon line has damaged, cut or removed, the owner must complete a release form BEFORE the recycling contractor will pick it up.

We no longer provide recycle bins. Open totes or clear plastic bags can be used if you don’t have a blue bin. Contact City of Tomah Public Works Department at 374-7430 or Modern Disposal Systems at 372-7897 if you have questions.

Contact City of Tomah Public Works Department at 374-7430 or Modern Disposal Systems at 372-7897 if you have questions.




The City of Tomah Public Works Department will pick up the following:

GARBAGE: Garbage shall be drained of surplus water, securely wrapped and deposited properly in waste containers. On days of collection, garbage and refuse cans and containers shall be placed at the alley line or at the curb line of a street. Garbage cans, plastic bags, refuse containers and bundles must not be set out at the street or alley more than 12 HOURS before the day of collection and containers must be removed from the street or alley within 12 HOURS after the collection day, to a point as far from the street or alley as the house or garage is located. Garbage cans CANNOT be larger than 30 gallons or weigh more than 60 pounds. Each dwelling unit and each commercial pickup is limited to 5 thirty-gallon garbage cans or the equivalent amount per week.

FURNITURE: Will be picked up with your regular garbage throughout the month on your regular garbage day.

BRUSH: Loose (NOT BUNDLED) brush and limbs should be placed in a pile with ALL ENDS FACING the curb or alley line and will be picked up the FIRST FULL WEEK of each month (April through November weather permitting). Limbs should not exceed 60 pounds in weight.

YARD WASTE AND GARDEN WASTE: Yard wastes, garden waste, pine needles, etc., will be brought by City residents only, to the compost pile located along the north end of the Bloyer Field Airport on Sime Avenue. Residents are to dump their yard and garden waste, NO BRUSH OR GARBAGE. The compost pile will be open from approximately the middle of April to the middle of November.

LEAVES: The City will pick up leaves that are raked loose into the curb from around the end of October to mid-November, weather permitting. Other times of the year, leaves should be brought to the compost area.

USED MOTOR OIL: The City does not accept used motor oil. Private arrangements must be made with an authorized business to properly dispose of used oil. Peardot Salvage, Lee Wildes Transmission, and Wal-Mart Auto Center are some of the businesses that may accept used motor oil. Please call ahead to make arrangements.

The City of Tomah or the recycling contractor WILL NOT pick up:

Sod and stumps; construction, demolition or remodeling materials; tires; or rocks. Residents need to contact a private hauler to dispose of these materials.

It is unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to place, deposit, or cause to be deposited, for collection by the City or the City's contractor, any waste or refuse not generated within the limits of the City of Tomah.

If there are any questions please contact the City of Tomah Public Works Department at
374-7430 or Modern Disposal Systems at 372-7897.